Mia BuchignaniI’m Mia Buchignani, please join me in my deep passion for food and cooking through these simple and delicious recipe videos.

I am an American from Slovak, Chinese and Italian descent.  Since I was a child, I always wanted to cook.  I was glued to cooking channels instead of cartoons. My best birthday present from my parents was a spatula and whisk. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and after a year abroad living in Belgium, I knew I needed to explore the world.  My career in architectural strategic planning took me to Doha, Qatar for 6 years to plan and oversee construction and operational readiness of Hamad International Airport.  When I wasn’t on the construction site in 135F degree heat, I spent my time singing with an amazing tango music quartet, Emocion – The Sounds of Tango, based in Qatar and throwing dinner parties for friends.  I traveled extensively from Qatar to countries such as Oman, Lebanon, Bahrain, Georgia, Seychelles, Turkey, Greece, Nepal, and Sri Lanka experiencing a culinary adventure in each country I’d visit.  After 6 years in Doha, I met the love of my life, Philip, also living and working in Doha.  I followed Philip to Shanghai for his job, we got married and were soon after expecting a baby boy.  It was quite an experience eating and cooking in Shanghai. Being of Chinese heritage, every day was a learning experience in navigating and communicating in local markets and stalls and trying to piece together meals at home based on what I’d find! Needless to say, my Mandarin Chinese got pretty good fairly fast.  After a year in Shanghai, it was time to move back to the Bay Area to settle down and raise our family.

I always wanted life to lead me back to my passion for cooking and here I am, sharing my simple recipes with you.  My dishes are inspired by my heritage, my travels, my environment and my love of food.  I invite you into my kitchen to learn, taste and explore.

Welcome and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mia,
    I am amazed and very happy for you. I was sorry when you left the project early but now I can see that you did just the right thing. From a distance I follow you on Facebook and congratulate on your new family and lovely baby boy.
    This cooking webpage is truly amazing. Beautiful design, fantastic quality photos, great recipes and ideas. My wife also got quite excited.
    And on top of all that, you are more beautiful than ever. Being happy shows…
    Love from rainy Budapest,


    1. Dear Gabor,
      Thank you so much for your kind message! It is lovely to hear from you and know that you are enjoying the cooking site and videos! I do hope you can give some of the recipes a try.

      Leaving the project in Qatar was difficult but all of this lead me to pursuing my passion for cooking and spending quality time with my baby boy. I couldn’t be happier!

      Sending my best to you and your family for the new year!


  2. Dear Mia,

    I just discovered your YouTube channel and it’s very nice. I love your straight forward recipes and how delicious they are. I’m following your blog and I have one too! https://baking781.wordpress.com/. I’m planning on soon staring a YouTube channel of my own because I think yours is so wonderful. Do you have any tips? And could you tell me how you made yours? (Camera, music, etc.). That would help a lot.

    -Bern 😊


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